my new album


I am an Italian musician based in Rome. My initial approach on rock, blues and pop music was mainly on electric guitar. In 2009 I met the musician and composer Stefano Barone, who introduced me to contemporary music and modern acoustic guitar techniques.

In 2016 I started composition’s studies with Pino Forastiere and my first solo album “Tracce” was produced. My music is influenced by rock, contemporary music, american minimalism and post minimalism.  By guitarists like Michael Hedges, Dominic Frasca, Sergio Altamura as well as my teachers Pino Forastiere and Stefano Barone.

I always choose music as an “antidote” to difficulties in life and I’m always searching for new musical languages and landscapes. In addition to being a musician, I teach music and guitar and work with children with disabilities and learning difficulties.



Tracce is my first solo album. The narrative thread from all the tracks comes from a question: “how do we face the sense of isolation and the need for authentic communication in our time?”

It was recorded in 2018 for the first time and was completed in the summer of 2019.