In a world that shouts out loud I choose to raise my voice gently.

Tracce is my first solo album.
It was recorded in 2018 for the first time and was completed in the summer of 2019. These compositions were developed in 2016 with Pino Forastiere during a music composition and research study. The narrative thread from all the tracks comes from a question: “how do we face the sense of isolation and the need for authentic communication in our time?”

We live in a society where we are exposed to continuous, excessive and sometimes aggressive communication. The world wide web and social media highly increased our possibility to be closer and interconnected, but our communication becomes rough and superficial. The gap between the images we propose on social media and our lives become wider and interpersonal relationships weaker.

As Human beings, I think, we need to be closer and make connections. I feel the necessity for an “analog communication”, a communication that needs more time,  where silence is important and words are measured. My music was created as a request for empathy, authenticity and kindness.


01. L’Histoire du Gitan I Movimento
02. L’Histoire du Gitan II Movimento
03. L’Histoire du Gitan III Movimento
04. Suggestione #1
05. Strength Release 
06. Direzione Sud Est I Movimento
07. Direzione Sud Est II Movimento
08. Direzione Sud Est III Movimento
09. Nessuno
10. F.M.
11. Ripresa

All music composed and performed by SIMONE GAGLIARDI
All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by PINO FORASTIERE
Graphic design by EMANUELE DI GIACOMO


L'Histoire du Gitan I Movimento (Live)